Tuesday, July 21

Which Art Product That I've Tested Has Been The Most Fun to Use?

Paints are fun, and cling wrap on watercolor makes me giddy, but the water brushes - or Aqua Brushes - are the most fun product I've used so far.  I  think it is because I was not expecting them to work so fabulously!  They not only flow the color across the page, but the brushes themselves are good quality with tips that hold their shape.  I have tested these over time and the strokes still look great.

Royal Brush Aqua-Flo Set 3 - This is the brand I use.  They are inexpensive, but they don't reflect their price in the brush or any part of the product as they are really top quality and fun.

These brushes are the perfect partner with watercolor pencils.  In fact, they make creating with watercolor pencils easier and a little more thrilling.  I don't know why.

These aqua brushes can make creating easier for kids who like to paint.  Here is a fun video tutorial for sketching and painting rabbits with watercolor pencils and the Aqua Brush for beginners.

Sketching Rabbits with Vintage Ephemera

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