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Me drinking water - I've been sort of studying
water as a subject for my art, lately.  Get it?
Hello!  My name is Kara Skye.  I am an artist, author, and vlogger on Youtube.  This blog is not about me, though, or my art or vlog.  It's about something every creative person loves: Art Supplies!!

Here on this blog, I have compiled MOST of the art supplies that I use in my videos, and use for my own art and fabric design.  I not only produce Youtube arts and craft videos, I watch a lot of Youtube arts and craft videos.  I get tips and test them out.  The best, I post here, for you to find with one click shopping - or watch the video and read the Amazon reviews.  I also post links to the very best tips that I end up using in my own videos, so that you can jump right to them without having to search them out.

These links are affiliate links, however, there is no pressure for you to buy anything; they can cut out hours of time searching online or worse, driving around to find a specific item.  When you've been looking for a specific product for your art,  you might find it here, or learn about something new.
Amazon ships internationally, and offers free shipping on orders over $35.  Not to mention they seem to have everything under the sun.  I don't exclusively shop Amazon, though.  Other retailers I use for items in my art videos include Blick.com (whom Amazon also ships from) and Michaels.com.   All the information about the products can be found by clicking Item Details on the item's page, and Amazon reviews are the best!!

Looking for something you don't find here, or have a vague description and can't find an item?  Let me help.  Leave me a comment or email me with the specifics you do have. I'll investigate and help you find out where, how much, and just what the item does.

If you'd like to see a video on a certain topic or product, email me, here, and I will respond with the possible dates to publish your topic.

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