Tuesday, July 28

Excite Your Flower Painting! From the 1600's?!

Actually, for a fresh new look at flower painting, try the latter 1600's.  I just finished research for a new vlog series called Art Notebook, and the paintings I poured over had me worried that the black cloaks and high-white collars of European socialites were kicking *ss at creativity.  Taking a look back sometimes helps us move forward, and this artist, for flower painters and botanical illustrators, is worth a look into the past.

Three new videos at KaraSkyeVlog invite you to wonder along with me.  Botanical artists, women explorers in art, and a contest for fabric designers are the topics of these videos, linked below:

Hand-make a no-sew, no-binding Travel Journal

Botanical Sketchbook

Art By The Page

I've also added an Art Book Review page to this blog, because art books are an investment as the right one can open up new ways of seeing your art and utilizing your creativity.  Others, when they aren't the right choice, collect dust and make us think we'd gone in another wrong direction.  So, a review and video test of an exercise could help you narrow your choices or finding that must-read for your art and your particular style.

Mr. Marshal's Flower Book

Awesome Travel Journals by Strathmore to pick up!