Thursday, July 23

Chew An Aspirin | Take Yoga |..

Try this series: Really RELAXING Colouring Books.  This 3rd in the series is gorgeous fun for anyone who loves floral design.  Its a good choice for crafters and fabric designers to let go, relax, and color.  Don't over-think, plan, or stress.

If you get inspiration from only 1 artist or art source, its plaguerism; but, inspiration from 100 artists/art sources is research! The kind of stealing that makes you a better artist.  Don't stop learning, looking, mimicing, and exploring for your style to evolve. Don't just find what you like to mimic but immerse yourself in the styles you like, learning 'see' as those artists see.  Or, something like that - its all in the book Steal Like An Artist, information and link on the bar to the right of this blog.

Crafters who use coloring books and artists who color in one, you need to acknowledge the fact that your style is basking in the light of an artist you admire. Flights of Fancy is a great example.

For photographs that are royalty-free, Urban Explorer for artists, crafters, and kids doing reports who'd like to use a royalty-free image of urban wildlife like great blue heron, egret, robins, racoon, and more.  And there are color pages for the kids at Kids-Explore-Nature.  Just more uses for those new Twistables.

Secret Garden: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
Really RELAXING Colouring Book 3: Botanicals in Bloom: A Fun, Floral Colouring Adventure
(Really RELAXING Colouring Books) (Volume 3)

Really RELAXING Colouring Book 5: Flights Of Fancy: A Winged Journey Through Pattern and Colour (Really RELAXING Colouring Books) (Volume 5)