Thursday, July 16

Nature Artist Makes Die-Cuts But It's Best to Know a Secret, First!

A favorite artist of mine, whose die-cuts I have used in my vlog is Susan Winget.  Her papers and art reflect a love of nature -  graced with birds, bugs, flowers, mushrooms, and all sorts of natural elements.
These greeting cards are beautiful with a handmade journal or in memory book creations.  The die-cuts are just an example of many types of packs available.  Just be sure you peel off a tiny, nearly invisible, plastic film on the back before you try to adhere them to any surface.  Not knowing this tip can be very frustrating as they will peel off, like you never glued them on at all, after about five minutes.  So much for the last five minute gift or favor (it will self-destruct) without removing the plastic film.  The mug is just lovely for crafter's who like their tea or coffee while creating art.

In these videos, I used Susan Winget die-cuts for two different types of journals:  an altered book - upcycled from an out-of-date booklet, and a handmade journal/booklet with pull-out pages.  I used photo frame die-cuts for the booklet, for adding photographs to the small, hand-made book.  These make great, hand-made gifts.  The videos are linked, below.

Photo Frame Handmade Book
Make An Altered Book

Though I like Susan Winget's die-cuts, these basic journal shapes and altered pages could be even more creative with original art on each page. Here is a great 'canvas' for a sort of hand-made art book with two long signatures (pages) that attach, front and back, by pull-out covers that aren't bound in the back.  It's sort of like one of the pages in my photo frame, handmade book, but you can skip making the journal and just make the art.
This booklet is by Strathmore.


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