Saturday, August 1

New School Supply Pack Must Include Erasers - But in the Home Art Studio?

Yes, erasers are just as important, if not more so, than those awesome little caps at the end of school pencils.  Those were the best just when the pencil tip was wearing out and causing black smudges on tests and homework, the little cap gave you back some control over your life.  When you lost them, you noticed they were gone.  You smudged and tore regretting your parents, swearing you would never leave a kid without pencil cap erasers by the dozens.  Okay, maybe that's going too far, but a great eraser can give you more control - especially with these.  So, go ahead and be the best parent (to yourself) that you can imagine and get yourself a fantastic eraser.  You deserve it, and they should not always be overlooked.

These, for highlighting hair, fur, glass rims that sparkle - you name it, for a thin line of the white of the paper, Faber Castell Pencil Erasers - pencils that ARE erasers.  Cool.

Studio, home-studio, art room, craft room, even the kids' bedroom must have the kneaded, art gum eraser.  Why?  My kid always sculpts me a little something with them, but for erasing, removing masking fluid, and being pinchable into a thin line or what have you.  Great replacement for knuckle popping and other fidgeting, too.

Here's the eraser pack for the teacher's pet and the fastidious art room creator - Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush - 3 pack - by Faber Castell

For the artist who has everything?!  An electric eraser? Really?!  You don't have to move your hand back and forth, wow!  Some artists, especially realistic renderers, protrait creators, and fantasy wizards swear by the electric eraser to add sparkle, highlight, shiny hair, and glossy fur.  This Sakura model is reasonably priced.  Or, the kid learns to sculpt the kneaded eraser (mine did).

Faber-Castel Eraser Pencils, 2-Pack
2-pack Artists Kneadable Eraser, Kneaded Eraser
Faber Castell Faber-Castell Perfection Eraser Pencil with Brush (3-PACK)
Sakura Cordless Electric Eraser - Cordless Eraser