Sunday, July 19

'Permanent Ink' on the Label Does Not Always Hold up Under Water

Lately, I've been experimenting in Art Journal - a playlist on my channel - with fantasy art.  I find that a fine point, water-resistant ink pen, helps me define smaller works of art that depict a scene.  I am used to bigger paper, bright color, simpler shapes, so I found that outlining the drawing first, kept my paintbrush on track of my original idea.  During this 'learning process' I found that the words permanent ink don't always mean that you can spritz water over the ink pen's line, or douse it with a pigment filled brush.  In fact, sometimes the same line of pens' different colors react differently to the same kinds of tests.  Before you try painting over a carefully inked drawing, be sure to have tested your pens.  I have tested these two and shared the results in a video.

Video: Test of my Outliner Pens

To skip the test and buy what works, I recommend Recollections ink pen in Ebony, link below.

I like Amazon's website for online shopping, but also shop Michael's as it is not too far from my home, but they have a website and they are also having an Art Contest!  Submit before August 15th, 2015, and you could win a $1,000 solo art exhibit, or other prize! Art Contest

Recollections Ebony Water-Resistant Pen

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