Sunday, July 19

Add This to Your Art Supplies and Become a Better Artist!

No lies, adding this product to your art studio supply list will help make you a better artist.  It's tracing paper.
All art is theft - Pablo Picasso
I am reading an art book that became a best-seller with the basic premise - to be a successful artist, you must steal.  Tracing paper doesn't actually help you steal, but it helps you transform your physical art to represent the image you have in your head.  Without all the time consuming re-draws, you can use it to correct something you don't like, add something you want to try, or as I recommend in a video, help you keep an extra drawing of something you are just about to paint.  That way, if you don't think the results are like you had in your head, or saw at an art show, on Facebook, or on a hike, you can re-paint it - try a different medium, brighter colors, monochromatic - easily.  And if it is easier, you will do it - which will make you a better artist.  Promise.

 CANSON Tracing Pad, 50 Sheets, 14 by 17-Inch

Easiest Method to Transfer an Image

Here's how I use this product when moving characters around on the paper, to be viewed at many angles, without losing the character's basic appearance:

Owl Skate Characters: Dottie

Don't forget transfer paper!  Good deals on graphite transfer paper for large and small projects, below.