Tuesday, July 21

Process and De-Stress - With Art Supplies!!

I just finished up a video in which I get a little philosophical at the ending.  I explain the importance of processing to nurture ourselves and basically deal with our own sh#@ before we take it around to someone else.  I do know what I am talking about, because I have had amensia.  Yes, true, real amnesia, but I have found it does not mimic the kind we watch on television or read about in fiction so that the amnesiac finds true love or ends up making good with all the former relations after forgetting completely who they once were.  Art has helped me put my 'pieces' back together and so I know it is not just a little bit powerful.  It is sometimes the best medicine.  Try to remind loved ones of this fact when purchasing art supplies (or before).  Creative time with yourself is worth the price and effort - for everyone in your life.

Use those watercolors:
Easy Moonlit Ocean Scene, Step-by-step Video Tutorial

What if you aren't an artist or you don't like sketching?

I have found that Adult Color Books can give you that de-stress, fun, creative time without the sketching, photo finding, worries.  And, if you craft, draw, paint, or do any other kind of art, they often lead to great ideas for your own, original art.

Creative Cats is an adult coloring book, but teens and kids are not excluded.
Cats, Butterflies, and Stress Relievers


Crayons Have Also Grown Up!

Try these Twistables.  Or watch me try crayons as wax resist with watercolors - it works and its super easy with nearly endless possibilities.

Crayons As Wax Resist with Watercolors

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