Monday, August 10

Paper Sculpture and Preserving Leaves

In an upcoming video, Autumn Leaf Faery Dress, I use a supply that you might not have seen before - fabric leaves.  I usually use paper to sculpt the faery's for The Faerie Project, but these fabric leaves worked beautifully.  The dress is the best yet and it's very durable.  I got mine at Michael's and they have them on the website, too.  But Amazon has several kinds to choose from, so I put the link, here below.

I also use acorn caps and explain how to preserve leaves.  I just took some out for a painting project, and they are usable and soft two years after I gathered them on an autumn walk and preserved them.

Here is the recipe to preserve autumn leaves for projects - like the Autumn Leaf Faery - arts, and crafting.  Because using natural products can make a craft or sculpture even more beautiful, like autumn, but having it crumble two weeks later is no fun at all.  These leaves won't last forever, but they have lasted 2 years, for me, with no sign of drying.

How to Preserve Autumn Leaves
For an amount that is the size of a produce aisle plastic bag half full.
Arrange leaves, flat in a shallow dish with tight fitting lid.  They can be several layers, but it is best that they are placed, loosely, on top of the next layer and laid out flat.  Mix 3 to 4 ounces of glycerin - from the first aid aisle of the pharmacy.  Glycerin is used in many lotions to soften the skin.  with 6 oz. of slightly warmer than luke-warm water.  Pour on top of the leaves.  Now add just enough cool-to-room-temperature water as to cover the leaves.  Put the lid on and soak leaves in the refrigerator for two days.  After, take each leaf out and lay on a terry cloth towel.  Blot with paper towels.  Allow to dry in a cool space.  Store in a closed produce bag.

Fall Leaves (250 pc)

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