Thursday, July 23

Days of Summer Boredom are About to Start - Here's One Solution

Even though summer's the best time for a kid who likes to play instead of study, the heat and the time away from school friends, teachers, and learning can cause a child to express boredom.  Air dry clay can keep kids interested and busy sculpting and creating.  This clay is also great for crafting with paper mache or as paper clay.  It air dries - no over or kiln required - and it can be painted and varnished to a smooth surface.

If you do use air dry clay, use a small brush and cotton ball to apply a thin layer of Crisco or vegetable oil as the clay becomes leather hard.  Do not wait too long, but not before the brush can go over the clay without disrupting the surface.  This prevents cracking, which I have had with air dry clay before I learned this useful tip.

Crayola Air Dry Clay 2.5 Lb Bucket, White

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