Thursday, July 23

Protect and Seal or Pour on the Gloss

Varnishing with linseed oil, as an oil painter is an integral part of the painting process.  Gel mediums in gloss, high gloss, and matte finishes are often as important in acrylic painting as the paint.  But I had never heard of varnishing a watercolor.  After watching a few tutorials, linked in the comments below my Mini-Haul, I found a reason to try.  So far, this Windsor Newton spray varnish has given me the notion that my watercolors aren't as vulnerable to damage, once finished; and, the gloss on a watercolor canvas looks as gorgeous as linseed oil or gel medium.  Just something you might want to try!
Liquitex Professional Gloss Fluid, Medium and Varnish, 8-oz
Loew Cornell 842 25-Piece Foam Brush Set, 1-Inch

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