Wednesday, July 22

An Instance of Framing

Whenever you go to show your work, the nagging question, "To frame or not to frame," demands to be answered.  It is not an unnecessary expense, but it is often costly either way.  You have to put up a good deal of money for every art work to be properly framed, but if you don't you'll appear unprofessional and that is a cost you can't afford if it is your first show.  Watercolorists no longer have to covet oil and acrylic painters who get to use canvases - which immediately appear to be framed even when they are not.  This is because watercolorists have canvases, now, too.  Is this a new product?  It is to me, and it might be to you too.  So, test them out - they are gorgeous!  Really lovely, and the work you do on them, for some reason just looks better and ready to show...

Fredrix 16 by 20-Inch Stretched Watercolor Canvas

 Watch video demonstration using Crayola Crayons with watercolors, here!

In the comment section of this video, I link to some pros who really know how to help creative watercolorists.  I also show you a tip with something so inexpensive, you probably haven't bought them since grammar school, unless you bought them for your kids: crayons!  Crayon art and canvases?  Its a fun world to fall into!!

Watch here, a video demonstration using Crayon Wax Resist Video with Links to Make Watercolor Canvases

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