Wednesday, July 22

What Masking Fluid Pens and Corrector Pens Have in Common

For fine lines the white of the paper, you can use a masking fluid pen.  They are gorgeous and lovely to use, and the well-stocked art studio probably has more than one.  However, there are a few household items, you probably already have that can make your masking fluid as thin as the mask-liner pens do.  One is an extra store card that you can cut up, or one of those little ones the stores give out for your key chain.  Another idea is a corrector pen - used for correcting typos - and another is a white gel pen.  All of these little extras in your studio space help you create and convey the images you want to see on your paper and canvas.

Watch how masking fluid applied with a store card as an easy way to add whiskers to a cat or other animal in a watercolor painting.

Whisker Trick Video

Pastel bars, chalks, and pastel pencils also work great over the top of watercolor to add a whole new dimension and details to the washes made with watercolor.  They also mix well with graphite pencils, conte crayon, over acrylic paintings, and by themselves.

Fineline Masking Fluid Pen 20 Gauge W/Masking Fluid,

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